REA 20 & 21 march 2017

The Rencontres européennes des artistes (European Conference for Performers) is moving to Paris, with a new format for this indispensable rendezvous, organized by Adami for over 15 years.

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Tuesday 21 March
10h10 Departure of REA train to Metz
12h30 Collection of accreditations
13h00 Lunch
14h30 Opening of the 2015 REA
15h00 Study on related rights in collective management in the world.
15h30 "The sense of commitment for an artist"
19h30 Film preview of "Caprice", a film by Emmanuel Mouret
20h00 Performance "Clameur des Arènes" by Salia Sanou
21h30 Formal dinner
23h30 After
10h00 Adami Campus
11h15 The artist and the athlete: dialogue between two status
12h45 Lunch
14h15 European artists united
14h45 The Debate
16h45 Closure of the REA
17h55 Departure of REA train to Paris
19h30 Opening
20h00 Artistes citoyens: portraits croisés
10h30 Hologram
11h00 The artist creator of values: What’s the worth of the work?
11h00 Is my work as an artist a business?
12h00 Break
14h30 Copyright in Europe: What impact for performers ?
14h30 Master class
16h30 2017 Presidential election: what about culture ?

Adami publishes a page in Le Monde on inequitable sharing of proceeds from streaming

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